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SPIN® Selling Model- measuring the return on investment

When Clients invest in sales training it’s because they want their sales people to improve and see a return on investment. The client needs to know that they are not only feeling the performance improvement, but that they can see it and – if necessary – report on it quantitatively.

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The rise of the Dragon – how a Chinese TV channel built a worldclass sales team

How a new Chinese TV channel was launched and with it a large-scale talent development project where nothing less that worldclass sales skills would do.

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How to change behaviour to underpin the growth strategy of your business

Fraud prevention services firm SmartSearch were determined to have answers to these questions when implementing their sales training programme. Here's what they did.

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How Schroders UK creates long-term value for clients with SPIN® Selling

In an unpredictable market and a changing world, how do you gain trust and develop the long-term relationships needed for successful asset management?

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Learning how to get closer to clients can transform Sales. BrandLoyalty share their story

Netherlands-based BrandLoyalty is the world’s leading supplier of loyalty concepts to the food retail sector. They tell us how they transformed sales by learning how to get closer to their clients.

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Why bad things happen to good new products

A significant new product is about to be launched. It's technologically innovative, it meets a clear market need and, best of all, it leapfrogs the competition. So why does a product with such great promise seem to be struggling for its life?

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Doubling revenue in 3 years. IT firm NetEvidence share their story

Online service and Cloud Computing have opened up options and opportunities to a wide audience of IT users, delivering on demand services previously unavailable. NetEvidence explain how they capitalised on this growth and saw revenues double.

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How the SPIN® method is creating a customer centric climate for Zehnder

Beauty, or in this case value, is in the eye of the beholder. So the seller must see the situation through the buyer’s eyes if they are to have a persuasive dialogue between the two parties.

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How Granta are increasing sales with a different type of customer conversation

The growth of Granta’s business depends heavily on the development of credible commercial relationships with people at a senior level within their client organisations. To achieve that, they need to hold a different type of conversation and establish a different kind of need.

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Developing effective negotiation skills

Huthwaite International has carried out extensive research studies into what makes an effective negotiator. Find out more.