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Anders Hjort

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As Regional Development Director and Behaviour Change Expert at Huthwaite International Anders leads multinational and global behaviour change projects as a behavioural expert, trainer and coach. With a strong track record in industries like IT, telecomms, manufacturing, engineering, healthcare and logistics he is instrumental in Huthwaite's ongoing observational behavioural research projects, new instructional designs and digital learning innovations. Anders is a highly endorsed global expert with hundreds of personal recommendations on LinkedIn and is ranked amongst the top sales performance experts in the world. (Source

Why high performance coaching can make you an outstanding Sales Leader

Huthwaite’s latest observational research into what effective sales coaching looks like shows that:

  • adapting your coaching style
  • listening with empathy
  • applying appropriate verbal behaviours during a coaching conversation with a sales rep . .

will make a huge impact on the seller’s:

  • motivation for learning
  • skill development
  • the customer
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