About David Freedman, Director of Sales

David is Huthwaite's Director of Sales. He is a Fellow of both the Institute of Sales Management and of the Association of Professional Sales, sits on the Management Consultancies’ Association Council and is former Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations MarComs group. He speaks all over the world, from conferences and exhibitions including World of Learning, SAMA, APMP and many international business organisations. He has also been on the judging panels for the National Sales Awards and the National Business Awards.

How to be persuasive

The secret to success in sales is that there is no secret; the same applies to being persuasive. A sales person never stops working on their sales persuasion techniques. Every lead, every prospect, and every client is different, and smart sales people know that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to selling success.

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Cutting through the noise – five steps to develop a win-win sales deal

David Freedman, Director at sales and negotiation specialists, Huthwaite International, the team behind the world-famous SPIN® Selling, outlays five steps to secure a win-win deal, using the methodology applied by 30% of the UK’s Forbes 100 companies.

Selling is one of the oldest professions on Earth, and so over the years the way we sell has

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Communication breakdown: the big mistakes that can make negotiations fail

A study from Huthwaite International, specialists in sales and negotiations in the logistics industry, has revealed the five most common errors negotiators are making that can risk both parties walking away from the table dissatisfied, unhappy, and in some cases, without a deal at all. From failing to do substantial research, to becoming irritating and

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Brexit shines spotlight on negotiating – revealing hidden growth area for businesses across the globe

In the light of Brexit and a hung Parliament, David Freedman – Director of Sales at Huthwaite International – considers the crucial role effective negotiating can play for businesses. 

In the wake of the EU referendum and a hung Parliament for the UK, the need for effective negotiation has been thrown firmly into the limelight. 

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Brexit negotiations and the crucial lessons for business

Everyone recognises how vital the negotiation process is as part of Brexit and establishing a stable government from a hung Parliament. But how many people have yet to realise the implications for their own businesses?

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How salespeople can work better with procurement and achieve success for both

How can salespeople work better with procurement departments to improve both their own sales success and procurement’s standing and leverage in the business?

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Why negotiation skills are crucial in the transport industry

Why transports businesses may struggle with effective negotiation and why they need to address it.

Why helping corporate buyers will boost your deal-making success

It’s an age-old challenge; how do you get somebody or something to do something that you want them to do? David Freedman explores models of motivation and why helping corporate buyers will boost your deal-making success.

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When it comes to negotiation why knowledge is a better insurance policy than cunning

There’s plenty to go wrong in even the most trivial negotiation. And in the big, important ones, mistakes can be costly and very difficult to unravel. Huthwaite's Head of Sales, David Freedman discusses why skill and knowledge are a better insurance policy than trusting to luck and native cunning.

How to position IT security software as part of your client’s positive overall digital strategy

How to avoid IT security software becoming an esoteric, reactive, tactical purchase, rather than a part of your client's positive overall digital strategy.

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