David Freedman, Director of Sales

About David Freedman, Director of Sales

David is Huthwaite's Director of Sales. He is a Fellow of both the Institute of Sales Management and of the Association of Professional Sales, sits on the Management Consultancies’ Association Council and is former Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations MarComs group. He speaks all over the world, from conferences and exhibitions including World of Learning, SAMA, APMP and many international business organisations. He has also been on the judging panels for the National Sales Awards and the National Business Awards.

Skilled negotiators: It’s all about behaviour

Negotiation is something that never seems to be out of the news, or out of our lives. What are the secrets of doing it well?

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What do you bring to the negotiating table?

Huthwaite research suggests that most people, in most places, get the skill of negotiation wrong, most of the time. This is both costly and avoidable.

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Negotiation is a mix of deliberate process and skillful verbal behaviour

Successful negotiation, whether for a massive sale, settlement of an industrial dispute, or agreement of commonplace but important workplace issues, is a careful mix of deliberate process and skillful verbal behaviour. Both are rooted in best practice, and both can be learned.

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Why a lack of sales methodology in the manufacturing industry is a huge opportunity

Is there a lack of sales methodology in the manufacturing industry? If that's the case, there's a huge opportunity for those with a more process driven approach.

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The lost art of deal-making

If you want a career in the City, you’ll need to be a good negotiator. It’s a skill that pops up again and again.

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Reflections on the future of selling in manufacturing

We take a look back through the archive and a gaze ahead at the changes in selling in the manufacturing and industrial sector.

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Why does training often fail to embed, and what can guarantee that embedment is effective?

In the article, David covers some of the key factors and questions for us to think about.

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How to optimise your organisational buying decisions

When it comes to organisational buying decisions, many people are involved – formally or informally. How do you go about managing those relationships?

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Why training that confers knowledge and theory without altering ability is pointless

Particularly in the sales business, an improvement in the observable skill with which a thing is done will have an equally observable impact on the personal and corporate outcome. Huthwaite's Director of Sales David Freedman explains.