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About Tony Hughes, CEO, Huthwaite Group of Companies

Huthwaite's CEO, Tony actively promotes the cause for sales and service excellence, and is part of the judging panels for the National Sales Awards and The National Business Awards. In recognition of his outstanding contribution to Sales and Marketing, in 2010, Tony was presented with the inaugural ISMM Lifetime Achievement Award at The British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards.

How to ensure a successful negotiation outcome

Ensure a successful negotiation outcome with these 10 key behaviours and strategies.

Key behaviours for successful selling

Four key behaviours for successful selling

Tony Hughes, CEO, Huthwaite International. Published in Business Review Europe, January 2017

Want to know how to out-think and out-perform your competition and become a more effective sales professional? At Huthwaite International we have spent decades observing and researching the behaviours used by the most successful sales

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Negotiation in the virtual world

Making long distance business relationships work can be extremely challenging but technology has allowed us to overcome these challenges, or has it? We may think that technology can fix everything but as many organisations have learnt, the move towards virtual can equally add complications if not managed effectively.

How not to make a sale

What makes a successful salesperson? Fast talking, pushy, and pressurising? Or at least that’s what most people think but the reality is that salespeople like this would not last long in the real business world.

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What we measure matters

For anyone involved in learning programmes, how to assess Return on Investment (ROI) is a constant question. If we can’t prove that what we are doing is having a quantifiable benefit then perhaps we shouldn’t be doing it!

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Why a systematic approach to selling is crucial to success

Huthwaite International CEO Tony Hughes explores the importance of a systematic sales approach in order to achieve sales success.

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How elearning is facilitating me-learning

What should the training world make of Mintel research showing that e-reader and e-book sales have declined, while paper publications have increased their market share?

Key methods for training and engaging young talent in China

Chinese leaders rate themselves as highly effective in leading a younger generation

Published in China Economic Review

The Global Leadership Forecast – the largest study of its kind – recently found that only 19% of Chinese leaders reported they were ‘very prepared’ to create an optimal workplace where employees deliver their very best. Furthermore, the report, published

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