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Learning strategies for a changing workforce

For the first time in history, there is the potential for four generations of employees in the workforce at the same time. As options for learning widens, Robin Hoyle, Head of Learning Innovation, discusses where how and when learners will benefit most.

Creating an Effective Learning Environment

Video bite size series: Areas Learning and Development professionals should carefully consider when creating an effective learning environment. Excerpts are taken from Robin Hoyle's closing key note speech at World of Learning conference earlier this year.

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Narrowing the skills perception gap

Shaun James, Head of Learning and Development discusses what lies behind how people perceive their abilities and advises on key steps to narrowing the skills perception gap.

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Revisiting the validity of CPD – and a new process which might actually work

Robin Hoyle, Learning and Development expert, explores the pains, the future and the true potential of Continuing Professional Development points.

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How to plan a global sales transformation – 6 steps to success

A change in mindset from sales teams can be driven by many factors. Here are 6 key strategies to successfully implement a sales transformation programme on a global scale.

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