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Resolving to change behaviour and why culture matters

Behaviour change is tricky. We need to work on culture. The language, skills and behaviours we seek to implement will need to be in tune with the environment in which we want to see the change in behaviour implemented.

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Embedding best practice in sales. Fujitsu’s story

Fujitsu tell us why IT excellence alone wasn’t enough to build on their success and that “adding value” required high order sales skills as well.

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Can key account management bring true differentiation?

The reasons organisations consider a Key Account Management training implementation is because they see it as a way of increasing revenue, protecting against competitor activity and customer churn. But does it?

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Why effective coaching requires time, proper investment and specialist coaching skills

There is real evidence that investment in Coaching does improve performance results. However effective coaching requires time, proper investment, and specialist coaching skills. In a two part article Robin shares some of the difficulties and problems which can hinder effective coaching.

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SPIN® ‘simply a better way to sell’ so says Richard King, Managing Partner, EY

King, who is retiring from EY after 35 years with the firm, first came into contact with SPIN® as a training tool in the late 1980s and has been a keen advocate of the Huthwaite International approach ever since.

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How much of your training budget is being wasted?

Too many companies waste too much of their training budgets. In this article Tony looks at why he thinks this is and how organisations can solve the problem in order to get the most out of their training budgets.

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Why does training often fail to embed, and what can guarantee that embedment is effective?

In the article, David covers some of the key factors and questions for us to think about.

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Three reasons why investing in company sales training might fail

Most people operating in the commercial arena have had good, bad and indifferent experiences of company sales training and it can go wrong for a number of reasons.

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