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How to measure and create value from service

What’s the best way to train a field service team? The most obvious answer is to ensure they are experts in the products or technologies they are servicing.

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SPIN® Selling Model- measuring the return on investment

When Clients invest in sales training it’s because they want their sales people to improve and see a return on investment. The client needs to know that they are not only feeling the performance improvement, but that they can see it and – if necessary – report on it quantitatively.

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Why negotiation skills are crucial in the transport industry

Why transports businesses may struggle with effective negotiation and why they need to address it.

The rise of the Dragon – how a Chinese TV channel built a worldclass sales team

How a new Chinese TV channel was launched and with it a large-scale talent development project where nothing less that worldclass sales skills would do.

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Classroom training: Villain of L&D?

One of the key challenges faced by Learning and Development is the change in learning options. However do these changes in the L&D world have an effect on the importance of traditional classroom training? In this article Robin explores some great ways of maximising on the opportunities presented by classroom training.

Are we losing respect for learning expertise? L&D start the fight back

Learning and development practitioners have long traded on their expertise. But what if that expertise is no longer required or – even if more vital than ever – no longer valued?

How to change behaviour to underpin the growth strategy of your business

Fraud prevention services firm SmartSearch were determined to have answers to these questions when implementing their sales training programme. Here's what they did.

The crucial skills coaches and sellers can learn from each other

Can a sales manager coach? Many would argue not. Conversely can a coach sell? Many do not relish the idea of selling their services. In fact, as Huthwaite's Dr Janet Curran argues, both can benefit from the skills of the other, which are not as far removed as you might think.

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Learning how to get closer to clients can transform Sales. BrandLoyalty share their story

Netherlands-based BrandLoyalty is the world’s leading supplier of loyalty concepts to the food retail sector. They tell us how they transformed sales by learning how to get closer to their clients.

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Selling and negotiating in the Healthcare industry and the skills everyone needs

Ali Morris speaks to GHP about the way the industry sells and negotiates, and the key skills everybody needs.

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