The five golden rules of effective coaching

Huthwaite International’s latest research has identified five golden rules of effective coaching. Head of Thought Leadership, Dr Janet Curran, shares the key findings.

The interconnection of sales and marketing – breaking down the silos

Key steps organisations can take to mend the relationship between their sales and marketing teams and succeed in a transforming digital landscape.

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Digitisation is transforming the sales and marketing relationship – are you ready?

This digital transformation of business means the sales and marketing relationship has been – and needs to be – totally transformed. Huthwaite's Director of Marketing Karen Woodhead examines why

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Fixing the sales marketing relationship & winning more business in the digital era

Recent research in partnership with YouGov suggests the relationship between sales and marketing is weak. The sales marketing relationship is probably the single most important relationship in a company and we can’t afford for it to be broken. How do we change this?

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How to challenge effectively – part 3

There are two basic ways to challenge – you either push your alternative ideas at another person, or you ask them questions to challenge their thinking.

How to challenge and retain a creative and productive conversation – part 2

To create a feeling of collaboration you need to show Support for the other person. This means finding the areas of common ground on which you can both agree. Sometimes, when we hear a proposal or an opinion put forward with which we don’t agree, or we think we have a ‘better’ idea or opinion it is human nature to jump in with giving our own idea or opinion straightaway.

Why bad things happen to good new products

A significant new product is about to be launched. It's technologically innovative, it meets a clear market need and, best of all, it leapfrogs the competition. So why does a product with such great promise seem to be struggling for its life?

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Developing effective negotiation skills

Huthwaite International has carried out extensive research studies into what makes an effective negotiator. Find out more.

How Manx Telecom reinforced its total brand proposition in a competitive environment

As part of a broader drive to reinforce its total brand proposition in a new and tougher competitive environment, Manx Telecom reviewed and enhanced the performance of its sales and customer service teams. Here's how.

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Can key account management bring true differentiation?

The reasons organisations consider a Key Account Management training implementation is because they see it as a way of increasing revenue, protecting against competitor activity and customer churn. But does it?

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