What we measure matters

For anyone involved in learning programmes, how to assess Return on Investment (ROI) is a constant question. If we can’t prove that what we are doing is having a quantifiable benefit then perhaps we shouldn’t be doing it!

Why bad things happen to good new products

A significant new product is about to be launched. It's technologically innovative, it meets a clear market need and, best of all, it leapfrogs the competition. So why does a product with such great promise seem to be struggling for its life?

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Developing effective negotiation skills

Huthwaite International has carried out extensive research studies into what makes an effective negotiator. Find out more.

How Manx Telecom reinforced its total brand proposition in a competitive environment

As part of a broader drive to reinforce its total brand proposition in a new and tougher competitive environment, Manx Telecom reviewed and enhanced the performance of its sales and customer service teams. Here's how.

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Can key account management bring true differentiation?

The reasons organisations consider a Key Account Management training implementation is because they see it as a way of increasing revenue, protecting against competitor activity and customer churn. But does it?

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Her Majesty the Queen – arguably the most successful British brand of the last 64 years

From a commercial point of view, she is arguably the most successful British brand of the last 63 (nearly 64) years. So what has she got so right, and what lessons can we learn for our businesses?

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Aligning sales and marketing at Baxter Healthcare

It’s a common enough scenario. The sales representative’s briefcase is full of glossy brochures extolling in detail the features of each product, yet providing little help in the sales process.

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The changing seller/buyer relationship and how companies are adapting

Separating the myth from reality in the critical aspect of the seller/buyer relationship and what organisations are doing to adjust to a shifting commercial landscape.

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Being a people person – common sense or learnable skill?

What makes the simple day-to-day task of dealing with other people so full of traps and obstacles that turn a straightforward conversation into a tedious, confused or downright argumentative one?

The problem with empathy

The word “empathy” is one that gets bandied about a lot these days, with the focus on emotional intelligence and needing to “understand” customers.