How to run an effective meeting using verbal behaviours

Meetings – by which we mean interactions of just about any kind, and of any length or degree of informality – can fail for a number of reasons.

How PC World approached improving customer service and sales performance

After a change in their stores’ organisational structures, PC World needed to ensure that their staff could provide excellent customer service and improved sales performance. Here's their strategy.

The power of persuasion in negotiation

There is a certain amount of confusion when we talk about negotiation as to whether we mean negotiation or persuasion.

Why effective negotiation skills are key for L&D

Being able to negotiate effectively is becoming increasingly important for all organisations and departments.

Proposals – the silent sales killers

This whitepaper explores some of the difficulties of producing persuasive proposal documents and puts forward a model for developing proposals that will enhance your chances of being short listed and winning business.

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How to create and capture value – global research report

To stay profitable, successful companies today have to be in the business of creating value and capturing value for their customers.

How should we deal with emotions in negotiation?

Negotiation is a topic that is guaranteed to raise emotions. What is the best way to deal with emotions in negotiations?

Developing outstanding corporate customer service

There are many theories and approaches to delivering excellent customer service. But which of these actually work? At Huthwaite, we decided to use our behavioural analysis tool to answer this question.