How to break negotiation deadlock

The Telegraph invites comments from Huthwaite on the verbal behaviours at play from Theresa May’s Brexit speech in Florence

In her attempts to avoid a Brexit talks deadlock, the Prime Minister gave an address billed by some as a watershed speech and arguably, the most important of her premiership. Her words will be analysed in great

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The art of negotiating – what businesses can learn from Brexit

Neil Clothier, senior negotiation strategist at Huthwaite International, talks negotiation skills, the David Davis approach and what businesses can learn from conversations in Brussels. 

When it comes to Brexit, it’s fair to say that we have a complex negotiation deal on our hands. Indeed, we’re arguably about to embark on the largest negotiation process that

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Communication breakdown: the big mistakes that can make negotiations fail

A study from Huthwaite International, specialists in sales and negotiations in the logistics industry, has revealed the five most common errors negotiators are making that can risk both parties walking away from the table dissatisfied, unhappy, and in some cases, without a deal at all. From failing to do substantial research, to becoming irritating and

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Brexit shines spotlight on negotiating – revealing hidden growth area for businesses across the globe

In the light of Brexit and a hung Parliament, David Freedman – Director of Sales at Huthwaite International – considers the crucial role effective negotiating can play for businesses. 

In the wake of the EU referendum and a hung Parliament for the UK, the need for effective negotiation has been thrown firmly into the limelight. 

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Brexit negotiations and the crucial lessons for business

Everyone recognises how vital the negotiation process is as part of Brexit and establishing a stable government from a hung Parliament. But how many people have yet to realise the implications for their own businesses?

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