Why sharing your feelings is key to a successful negotiation

One of the more surprising findings from Huthwaite’s original observational research was the fact that skilled negotiators expressed their feelings more than the average negotiators. Dr Janet Curran tells us more.

Negotiate effectively using the art of Testing Understanding

The acid test of an effective negotiation is the durability of the deal. In large, complex negotiations deals that can stand the test of time are going to be those that have been well thought through and considered by both sides.

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Irritating behaviours avoided by the skilled negotiator

Dr Janet Curran introduces us to one of the most interesting behaviours that was identified during the original observational research. In Huthwaite we call this behaviour an “Irritator”.

The problem with empathy

The word “empathy” is one that gets bandied about a lot these days, with the focus on emotional intelligence and needing to “understand” customers.

How to run an effective meeting using verbal behaviours

Meetings – by which we mean interactions of just about any kind, and of any length or degree of informality – can fail for a number of reasons.

The power of persuasion in negotiation

There is a certain amount of confusion when we talk about negotiation as to whether we mean negotiation or persuasion.

Why effective negotiation skills are key for L&D

Being able to negotiate effectively is becoming increasingly important for all organisations and departments.

How Procurement can go beyond delivering cost savings and deliver other value

In this report we acknowledge the current image of Procurement, then go on to explore the different ways in which Procurement can go beyond delivering cost savings and deliver other value.

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How should we deal with emotions in negotiation?

Negotiation is a topic that is guaranteed to raise emotions. What is the best way to deal with emotions in negotiations?