Fixing the sales marketing relationship & winning more business in the digital era

Recent research in partnership with YouGov suggests the relationship between sales and marketing is weak. The sales marketing relationship is probably the single most important relationship in a company and we can’t afford for it to be broken. How do we change this?

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How to ensure a successful negotiation outcome

Ensure a successful negotiation outcome with these 10 key behaviours and strategies.

How SCA Packaging reduced margin erosion through solution selling

SCA Packaging is one of Europe’s leading designers and producers of corrugated board-based packaging, with a strong reputation for innovation and sustainable design.

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Key behaviours for successful selling

Four key behaviours for successful selling

Tony Hughes, CEO, Huthwaite International. Published in Business Review Europe, January 2017

Want to know how to out-think and out-perform your competition and become a more effective sales professional? At Huthwaite International we have spent decades observing and researching the behaviours used by the most successful sales

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Non-negotiable! Why businesses must negotiate more effectively

Research by Huthwaite spanning four decades reveals that most people, in most places, negotiate badly, most of the time.

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How to challenge effectively – part 3

There are two basic ways to challenge – you either push your alternative ideas at another person, or you ask them questions to challenge their thinking.

Does SPIN® Selling work? A company share their story

In a video testimonial Atkins Global share their story of achieving sales excellence from a SPIN® implementation to 400 people.

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How to challenge and retain a creative and productive conversation – part 2

To create a feeling of collaboration you need to show Support for the other person. This means finding the areas of common ground on which you can both agree. Sometimes, when we hear a proposal or an opinion put forward with which we don’t agree, or we think we have a ‘better’ idea or opinion it is human nature to jump in with giving our own idea or opinion straightaway.

How salespeople can work better with procurement and achieve success for both

How can salespeople work better with procurement departments to improve both their own sales success and procurement’s standing and leverage in the business?

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The value proposition challenge for sales and how to address it

The challenge for professional sales people, particularly in complex B2B sales, is to be able to uncover from a prospect those underlying needs that the high level value proposition is designed to solve. Find our more.

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