How to be persuasive

The secret to success in sales is that there is no secret; the same applies to being persuasive. A sales person never stops working on their sales persuasion techniques. Every lead, every prospect, and every client is different, and smart sales people know that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to selling success.

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Cutting through the noise – five steps to develop a win-win sales deal

David Freedman, Director at sales and negotiation specialists, Huthwaite International, the team behind the world-famous SPIN® Selling, outlays five steps to secure a win-win deal, using the methodology applied by 30% of the UK’s Forbes 100 companies.

Selling is one of the oldest professions on Earth, and so over the years the way we sell has

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Brexit shines spotlight on negotiating – revealing hidden growth area for businesses across the globe

In the light of Brexit and a hung Parliament, David Freedman – Director of Sales at Huthwaite International – considers the crucial role effective negotiating can play for businesses. 

In the wake of the EU referendum and a hung Parliament for the UK, the need for effective negotiation has been thrown firmly into the limelight. 

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How to plan a global sales transformation – 6 steps to success

A change in mindset from sales teams can be driven by many factors. Here are 6 key strategies to successfully implement a sales transformation programme on a global scale.

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Brexit negotiations and the crucial lessons for business

Everyone recognises how vital the negotiation process is as part of Brexit and establishing a stable government from a hung Parliament. But how many people have yet to realise the implications for their own businesses?

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How The Royal Mint is embedding SPIN® and making money for everyone

Selling to central Banks and National Mints across the world The Royal Mint chose SPIN® to help their salespeople better understand their customers and improve sales.

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How Atkins Global created sales excellence

How Atkins Global achieved sales excellence with SPIN®

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How SkillForce and The Prince William Award are reaping the benefits of SPIN® Selling

SkillForce share their experience of SPIN®. “The SPIN® sales process isn’t about showing us how to stand up and sell, which can be a frightening prospect, it’s about showing us how to share what we do with others in a way they’ll understand. And become as excited about it as we are.”

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