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Agility has become something of a buzz word in recent years. Increased disruption spurred on by technology, stronger competition and cost cutting are driving the need for organisations to become agile in all areas in order to succeed in this changing landscape. Against this backdrop sales agility may seem like a new and trendy concept. It’s not the case.

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How great commercial skills can help logistics players ride environmental levies

In this ever-evolving industry environmental factors are of growing importance to governments and regulators. Tony Hughes, CEO of Huthwaite International discusses how strong commercial skills will provide leverage to the logistics players of the future.

Smart intermediate players are set to strengthen the Logistics supply chain

As the logistics industry continues to transform, one major change emerging is the scope for intermediate players. Increasingly large companies’ ‘one size fits all’ approach struggles with local presence. Anna Home, Client Director at Huthwaite International, considers how the impact of a rise of local logistics will benefit the sector, enabling local and niche markets to be reached.

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Could revealing the economic impact to the UK on Brexit effect negotiations with the EU?

Brexit negotiations are highlighting the need to re-establish the government’s position. Many commercial businesses struggle to demonstrate power and control in negotiations. Neil Clothier discusses how adopting the right strategies and tactics can result in highly viable propositions.

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