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How to plan a global sales transformation – 6 steps to success

A change in mindset from sales teams can be driven by many factors. Here are 6 key strategies to successfully implement a sales transformation programme on a global scale.

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Brexit negotiations and the crucial lessons for business

Everyone recognises how vital the negotiation process is as part of Brexit and establishing a stable government from a hung Parliament. But how many people have yet to realise the implications for their own businesses?

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The interconnection of sales and marketing – breaking down the silos

Key steps organisations can take to mend the relationship between their sales and marketing teams and succeed in a transforming digital landscape.

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Digitisation is transforming the sales and marketing relationship – are you ready?

This digital transformation of business means the sales and marketing relationship has been – and needs to be – totally transformed. Huthwaite's Director of Marketing Karen Woodhead examines why

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Fixing the sales marketing relationship & winning more business in the digital era

Recent research in partnership with YouGov suggests the relationship between sales and marketing is weak. The sales marketing relationship is probably the single most important relationship in a company and we can’t afford for it to be broken. How do we change this?

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How to ensure a successful negotiation outcome

Ensure a successful negotiation outcome with these 10 key behaviours and strategies.

Key behaviours for successful selling

Four key behaviours for successful selling

Tony Hughes, CEO, Huthwaite International. Published in Business Review Europe, January 2017

Want to know how to out-think and out-perform your competition and become a more effective sales professional? At Huthwaite International we have spent decades observing and researching the behaviours used by the most successful sales

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Non-negotiable! Why businesses must negotiate more effectively

Research by Huthwaite spanning four decades reveals that most people, in most places, negotiate badly, most of the time.

How to challenge effectively – part 3

There are two basic ways to challenge – you either push your alternative ideas at another person, or you ask them questions to challenge their thinking.