How salespeople can work better with procurement and achieve success for both

How can salespeople work better with procurement departments to improve both their own sales success and procurement’s standing and leverage in the business?

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The value proposition challenge for sales and how to address it

The challenge for professional sales people, particularly in complex B2B sales, is to be able to uncover from a prospect those underlying needs that the high level value proposition is designed to solve. Find our more.

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How to challenge your business – effectively. Part 1

Many professionals are fearful or uncomfortable with challenging their business. But it can be a highly effective strategy. Here's why.

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Negotiation in the virtual world

Making long distance business relationships work can be extremely challenging but technology has allowed us to overcome these challenges, or has it? We may think that technology can fix everything but as many organisations have learnt, the move towards virtual can equally add complications if not managed effectively.

How not to make a sale

What makes a successful salesperson? Fast talking, pushy, and pressurising? Or at least that’s what most people think but the reality is that salespeople like this would not last long in the real business world.

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Why negotiation skills are crucial in the transport industry

Why transports businesses may struggle with effective negotiation and why they need to address it.

Why helping corporate buyers will boost your deal-making success

It’s an age-old challenge; how do you get somebody or something to do something that you want them to do? David Freedman explores models of motivation and why helping corporate buyers will boost your deal-making success.

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The crucial skills coaches and sellers can learn from each other

Can a sales manager coach? Many would argue not. Conversely can a coach sell? Many do not relish the idea of selling their services. In fact, as Huthwaite's Dr Janet Curran argues, both can benefit from the skills of the other, which are not as far removed as you might think.

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Selling and negotiating in the Healthcare industry and the skills everyone needs

Ali Morris speaks to GHP about the way the industry sells and negotiates, and the key skills everybody needs.

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Why a systematic approach to selling is crucial to success

Huthwaite International CEO Tony Hughes explores the importance of a systematic sales approach in order to achieve sales success.

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