Developing effective negotiation skills

Behaviours of a skilled negotiator

Effective negotiation skills are an essential part of business. Whether you’re part of a sales team looking to increase sales revenue, a procurement specialist trying to get the best deal or a manager looking to get more out of their teams, being an effective negotiator gives you a distinct advantage.

How, then, can these skills be developed?

Huthwaite International has carried out extensive research studies into what makes an effective negotiator. This research has produced skill models for a wide range of activities including selling, negotiating, appraisal skills, chairmanship and conducting effective meetings. The same technique used to conduct the research can also be used to analyse the performance of people wishing to develop their negotiation skills, so that an objective comparison can be made against the success model.

The following research report gives an introduction into effective negotiation skills, the traits of a successful negotiator and findings of our research into effective negotiation skills.

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