Why more ‘educators’ are needed in the L&D environment

Published in Training Journal

Criticising teachers and the education system seems to be a popular tradition amongst those operating within the L&D environment. However in this article, L&D expert, Robin shares his experiences of working with teachers and their ability to quickly grasp how learning can be facilitated in a creative and effective manner. Robin argues the need for more ‘educators’ to become a part of the L&D environment.

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Robin Hoyle, Head of Learning & Technology
Robin has spent almost three decades as a strategic L&D leader, trainer and consultant. As a writer and blogger he focuses on workforce development policies, learning strategies, tools and techniques. He has written two books, ‘Informal Learning in Organizations: How to Create a Continuous Learning Culture’ and ‘Complete Training: From Recruitment to Retirement’, both published by Kogan Page. Robin is a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute and the Chair of the World of Learning Conference. In his role as Head of Learning and Technology for Huthwaite International, he is exploring routes to enhancing the learning experience and the impact of all Huthwaite’s training and learning interventions.