Will Artificial Intelligence send us hurtling towards ‘learning magnolia?’

Is Artificial Intelligence a threat to L&D?

Published in Training Zone

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence exhibited by machines. In other words, the ability of computers to ‘learn’ how to do things. But what threat does increasing AI pose to learning and development? In this article Robin argues using algorithms to predict what people want or need actually reduces choice rather than expands it and risks pushing everyone to a safe and bland way of learning, which limits our experience rather than expanding our horizons.

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Robin Hoyle, Head of Learning & Technology
Robin has spent almost three decades as a strategic L&D leader, trainer and consultant. As a writer and blogger he focuses on workforce development policies, learning strategies, tools and techniques. He has written two books, ‘Informal Learning in Organizations: How to Create a Continuous Learning Culture’ and ‘Complete Training: From Recruitment to Retirement’, both published by Kogan Page. Robin is a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute and the Chair of the World of Learning Conference. In his role as Head of Learning and Technology for Huthwaite International, he is exploring routes to enhancing the learning experience and the impact of all Huthwaite’s training and learning interventions.