Why a lack of sales methodology in the manufacturing industry is a huge opportunity

Is there a lack of sales methodology in the manufacturing industry?

Published in Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Some joint research with YouGov showed that 70 per cent of UK business decision makers have admitted that their organisations do not have a systematic approach to engaging with customers and prospects. No industry does particularly well, but manufacturing, with much talk recently of the pivotal role it will play in increasing trade and rebalancing the economy, fares worse than most. Just 16 per cent of respondents in the sector say they have a single, commonly used and widely understood sales methodology.

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David Freedman, Director of Sales
David is Huthwaite's Director of Sales. He is a Fellow of both the Institute of Sales Management and of the Association of Professional Sales, sits on the Management Consultancies’ Association Council and is former Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations MarComs group. He speaks all over the world, from conferences and exhibitions including World of Learning, SAMA, APMP and many international business organisations. He has also been on the judging panels for the National Sales Awards and the National Business Awards.