Key behaviours for successful selling

Four key behaviours for successful selling

Tony Hughes, CEO, Huthwaite International. Published in Business Review Europe, January 2017

Want to know how to out-think and out-perform your competition and become a more effective sales professional? At Huthwaite International we have spent decades observing and researching the behaviours used by the most successful sales

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Non-negotiable! Why businesses must negotiate more effectively

Research by Huthwaite spanning four decades reveals that most people, in most places, negotiate badly, most of the time.

How salespeople can work better with procurement and achieve success for both

How can salespeople work better with procurement departments to improve both their own sales success and procurement’s standing and leverage in the business?

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Negotiation in the virtual world

Making long distance business relationships work can be extremely challenging but technology has allowed us to overcome these challenges, or has it? We may think that technology can fix everything but as many organisations have learnt, the move towards virtual can equally add complications if not managed effectively.

How not to make a sale

What makes a successful salesperson? Fast talking, pushy, and pressurising? Or at least that’s what most people think but the reality is that salespeople like this would not last long in the real business world.

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What we measure matters

For anyone involved in learning programmes, how to assess Return on Investment (ROI) is a constant question. If we can’t prove that what we are doing is having a quantifiable benefit then perhaps we shouldn’t be doing it!

Selling and negotiating in the Healthcare industry and the skills everyone needs

Ali Morris speaks to GHP about the way the industry sells and negotiates, and the key skills everybody needs.

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When it comes to negotiation why knowledge is a better insurance policy than cunning

There’s plenty to go wrong in even the most trivial negotiation. And in the big, important ones, mistakes can be costly and very difficult to unravel. Huthwaite's Head of Sales, David Freedman discusses why skill and knowledge are a better insurance policy than trusting to luck and native cunning.

How elearning is facilitating me-learning

What should the training world make of Mintel research showing that e-reader and e-book sales have declined, while paper publications have increased their market share?

Skilled negotiators: It’s all about behaviour

Negotiation is something that never seems to be out of the news, or out of our lives. What are the secrets of doing it well?

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