How to challenge effectively – part 3

There are two basic ways to challenge – you either push your alternative ideas at another person, or you ask them questions to challenge their thinking.

How to challenge and retain a creative and productive conversation – part 2

To create a feeling of collaboration you need to show Support for the other person. This means finding the areas of common ground on which you can both agree. Sometimes, when we hear a proposal or an opinion put forward with which we don’t agree, or we think we have a ‘better’ idea or opinion it is human nature to jump in with giving our own idea or opinion straightaway.

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The value proposition challenge for sales and how to address it

The challenge for professional sales people, particularly in complex B2B sales, is to be able to uncover from a prospect those underlying needs that the high level value proposition is designed to solve. Find our more.

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How to challenge your business – effectively. Part 1

Many professionals are fearful or uncomfortable with challenging their business. But it can be a highly effective strategy. Here's why.

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What are the appropriate behaviours for contemporary negotiations?

Today procurement departments are dealing with all manner of tangible and intangible products. How can they adopt behaviours more appropriate for the needs of contemporary negotiation? We find out.

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Appropriate behaviours for temporary negotiations – part 2

In part 2 of this report Ian Newall examines a group of behaviours that we at Huthwaite have termed ‘Low Reacting’. Our research has demonstrated that sellers are usually rattled when facing a Low Reactor.

Why helping corporate buyers will boost your deal-making success

It’s an age-old challenge; how do you get somebody or something to do something that you want them to do? David Freedman explores models of motivation and why helping corporate buyers will boost your deal-making success.

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The crucial skills coaches and sellers can learn from each other

Can a sales manager coach? Many would argue not. Conversely can a coach sell? Many do not relish the idea of selling their services. In fact, as Huthwaite's Dr Janet Curran argues, both can benefit from the skills of the other, which are not as far removed as you might think.

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How to position IT security software as part of your client’s positive overall digital strategy

How to avoid IT security software becoming an esoteric, reactive, tactical purchase, rather than a part of your client's positive overall digital strategy.

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