Why effective negotiation skills are key for L&D

Being able to negotiate effectively is becoming increasingly important for all organisations and departments, in particular Learning and Development. Anyone looking to improve their negotiation skills need to understand it’s not just about the training course but also about changing habit and implementing reinforcement measures.

Watch Dr Janet Curran, Head of Though Leadership at Huthwaite International, and David Freedman, Head of Business Development at Huthwaite, in a series of video clips from World of Learning Conference and Exhibition 2014, presenting on insights into what distinguishes a skilled negotiator from an average negotiator.

Watch the first of 11 video series below and watch the full video series here.

Dr Janet Curran, Head of Thought Leadership
As Head of Thought Leadership at Huthwaite International Janet undertakes global research on a variety of topics relative to sales, marketing, procurement and L&D in the modern age. She is a key contributor to the Management Consultancy Association’s Consultancy Buyers Forum and regularly speaks on a number of topics related to her global research.