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How manufacturing companies can shift from product to value sell

There is no doubt the world of commerce has changed dramatically in recent years. However, particularly in the B2B world, there are other, more subtle changes happening and this is especially true in the global manufacturing sector. What does that mean for how people must sell?

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Her Majesty the Queen – arguably the most successful British brand of the last 64 years

From a commercial point of view, she is arguably the most successful British brand of the last 63 (nearly 64) years. So what has she got so right, and what lessons can we learn for our businesses?

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Being a people person – common sense or learnable skill?

What makes the simple day-to-day task of dealing with other people so full of traps and obstacles that turn a straightforward conversation into a tedious, confused or downright argumentative one?

Is consultative selling dead? How to sell in 2015

The advent and growth of new technologies and business processes create challenges that sales organisations have to address, which inevitably means the role of sales people has to change.

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