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SPIN® Selling Model- measuring the return on investment

When Clients invest in sales training it’s because they want their sales people to improve and see a return on investment. The client needs to know that they are not only feeling the performance improvement, but that they can see it and – if necessary – report on it quantitatively.

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SPIN® – A positive impact on sales

Demonstrating proof of consistent, sustained & contemporary return on investment, we share one of hundreds of client success stories of how SPIN® has made a positive impact on sales.

Insights into the changing role of procurement

With strategic procurement ‘transformation’ being a board level priority for many companies and aggressive tools such as reverse e-auctions being unleashed, how can sales professionals manage the procurement relationship better?

Do you recognise how well you are negotiating?

In 2014 we wanted to find out whether people would easily recognise what effective negotiation tactics and behaviours looked like, so we put together a series of questions to which over 1300 people across the globe responded.

How to create and capture value – global research report

To stay profitable, successful companies today have to be in the business of creating value and capturing value for their customers.

Developing outstanding corporate customer service

There are many theories and approaches to delivering excellent customer service. But which of these actually work? At Huthwaite, we decided to use our behavioural analysis tool to answer this question.