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Why bad things happen to good new products

A significant new product is about to be launched. It's technologically innovative, it meets a clear market need and, best of all, it leapfrogs the competition. So why does a product with such great promise seem to be struggling for its life?

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Developing effective negotiation skills

Huthwaite International has carried out extensive research studies into what makes an effective negotiator. Find out more.

Developing sales effectiveness

This paper explores, in the broadest terms, the potential areas for development within a sales function. By comparing, at each stage of the process, the behaviours of a sales operation that is world-class with one that is typical.

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The Science behind SPIN® Selling

Find out the science behind SPIN® Selling.

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How to develop profitable long-term client relationships

This white paper explores the skills and strategies that can help to capitalise on initial sales success, to ensure we enjoy a profitable ongoing customer relationship not just a one hit sale.

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Are your people negotiating or concession making?

This whitepaper explores some of the common traps negotiators fall into and the skills and strategies that can be employed to avoid these traps.

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The changing seller/buyer relationship and how companies are adapting

Separating the myth from reality in the critical aspect of the seller/buyer relationship and what organisations are doing to adjust to a shifting commercial landscape.

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Insights into the changing role of procurement

With strategic procurement ‘transformation’ being a board level priority for many companies and aggressive tools such as reverse e-auctions being unleashed, how can sales professionals manage the procurement relationship better?